Short questions

To add a short question with one or more answer fields:

  1. Select ‘Short’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type the question and answer into the text boxes provided.
  3. Optional – Click ‘Enter correct answer’ to add more than one answer box to the question.
  4. Use the drag icon located to the left of the answer box to reorder answers.
  5. Optional – Enable or disable the options below.

Require *all* of the answers – Select how many of the correct answers must be provided by the student to be marked correct.

Allow autocomplete – Enables/disables the keyboard autocomplete on supported devices.

Case sensitive – Enables/disables case sensitivity for the question. When enabled, all characters must match the answer provided.

Automatic marking – Enables/disables automatic marking for this question. The submitted answer must match the correct answer exactly to be marked correct.

Answer order matters – (only available when multiple answer boxes have been added to the question) When enabled, answers must be entered in the correct order to be marked correct.

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