Create a new assessment

To create a new assessment from one resource:

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the ‘Resources’ page.
  2. Click the ‘Assign’ action button next to the resource.
  3. Give the assessment a name.
  4. Select a class and group to assign the assessment to.
  5. Optional – Create a new Tag or add an existing one to the assessment.
  6. Optional – Set the start date and time for the assessment to be made live.
  7. Optional – Select how long the assessment will be available for your students to access.
  8. Optional – Select any additional settings for the assessment.
  9. Click on the ‘Create’ button.
  10. Go to the ‘Assessments’ page to view the new assessment.

Additional Settings:

Enable voiceover for spellings?

Choose if voiceover audio should be enabled for spelling questions. This will read the spelling using the device’s text to speech functionality. This feature is automatically enabled between 4 PM and 12 midnight to allow students to complete spellings outside of school.

Randomise question order?

Choose if the questions should be displayed in a different order for each student. This is particularly useful when assigning an exam or test.

Note: this feature will randomise the order of all questions and content. If you have an image that relates to a series of questions, this may not be displayed in the correct place.

Can students save progress?

Choose if students can save their progress during the assessment. Students will then be able to leave the assessment and pick up where they left off at a later date or time.

Multi-page assessment?

Choose if all questions should be displayed in one list or split across multiple pages. On multi-page assessments, students can navigate between pages and submit their work once they reach the final page. When set to yes, an additional setting will be shown to allow you to select the number of questions to be shown on each page.

Schedule start time?

Choose when the students will be able to access and complete the assessment. Set this to a date/time in the future using the calendar or make the assessment available instantly by selecting ‘No’.

Active for?

Choose how long the assessment will be available for the students to complete. Use the presets for 1, 3 or 7 days or choose a specific date/time using the calendar. Students will not be able to complete the assessment once it has closed. Closed assessments can be reopened at any stage.

Show results and feedback?

Choose if/when results and feedback are shown to students. Results & feedback can be hidden until manually released, shown automatically upon assessment completion or shown at a specified date and time.

Show correct answers?

Choose if the correct answers are shown to students upon assessment completion and on their ‘Results’ page.

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